In the lastest 5280 Magazine, there is an incredible story about the indefatigable Denver Democratic Godfather Paul Sandoval. In a follow up to Lynn Bartel's heartbreaking account of Sandoval's struggle with cancer, Patrick Doyle uses the words of Sandoval's associates and friends to tell his story, from newspaper seller to tamale maker and eventually one of the most trusted and sought after men in Colorado politics.

The piece is definitely worth a read by itself (on newsstands now), but one quote stuck out to us as noteworthy considering our recent coverage of Governor John Hickenlooper's continued refusal to take a position on anything controversial:

John Hickenlooper: One of the remarkable things about [Sandoval] is that almost always he picks a side. He always has a point of view. So often you see — among people who have a lot of political influence — that they choose to stay neutral. Paul Sandoval's not neutral about anything.

Hickenlooper is right about Paul Sandoval. He's beloved by both sides, has done immeasurable good for the causes he believes in and for the Denver community more generally. And he's done that by picking sides and fighting hard for what he believes.

If only Hickenlooper could grow a pair and be more like Sandoval. Great men like Sandoval pick sides. Those that don't are left to the dust bin of history — forgotten for their inability to pick a side and fight.  

Governor — Prop 103 is on the ballot. Pick a side.