Why is Denver Congresswoman Diana "Do Nothing" DeGette calling for a Congressional hearing into the listeria outbreak in Colorado? Hint: it has nothing to do with serving her constituents in Denver and everything to do with generating a quick PR hit.

Why is the Congresswoman so eager to drag these farmers to DC while there is an investigation on the ground in Colorado that is still underway? Congressional hearings will not solve anything, but they will offer the opportunity for DeGette to opine on how other people should be doing their jobs while she studiously avoids doing hers.

DeGette has been in DC so long, and resides in such a safe district, that she has lost complete touch with what the job of a Member of the House of Representatives is supposed to do.

As The Denver Post reported in August, DeGette has made a habit out of avoiding her constituents in any sort of setting open to the public. Her constituent services are notoriously bad, yet she spends most of her time in DC focused on issues that affect other districts, but not her own — like her jihad against fracking. Last we checked there were no natural gas rigs in the Denver city limits.

Why doesn't DeGette focus on the problems in Denver before trying to save the world? What has she done lately for her constituents? Nothing. And that's the problem.

It's time for a DeGette primary challenge. The people of Denver deserve a representative who actually cares about them.