'Tis the year for your spouse, if you're part of the vast left wing conspiracy, to run for school board. In Jefferson County, where Democrats are crying foul over the local GOP helping grassroots candidate Jim Powers, Lesley Dahlkemper is no doubt getting the full fledged backing of her husband's vast political network, former Senate Minority Leader Mike Feeley. In Denver, left wing radio host David Sirota's wife is running and calling in favors as far as Montana.

It's been said there is no election more vicious and nasty than school board. You think the TV ad attacks in US Senate races contain outrageous accusations? They hold nothing to the level of venom that can be spewed amongst neighbors during a run for school board. 

But if you're the spouse of a powerful member of the left wing conspiracy, fear not, for the big guns will be called in on your behalf. 

For Dahlkemper you can be sure those big guns come in the form of big checks from Mike Feeley's donor network. Campaign finance reports aren't due until Oct 11, allowing for little scrutiny before ballots are mailed three days later. When they come out, don't be surprised to see her campaign bankrolled by Brownstein, the powerful law firm at the nexus of left wing politics in Colorado.

With Emily Sirota, her husband David called in a favor with Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer to come campaign on her behalf. Nevermind the odd sight of a Governor from Big Sky Country campaigning for a Denver school board candidate. David Sirota was a senior campaign operative for Schweitzer, and other left wing nuts like Ned Lamont and avowed Socialist Bernie Sanders. When the left wing conspiracy goes to battle in elections, reinforcements can be called in nation-wide. 

As Denver is no Jeffco, and instead a Dem on Dem fight, the conspiracy has found itself in a civil war. The far left vs the left. Mayor Michael Han(d)cock has backed Sirota's opponent, Anne Rowe, who does not hold the same undying passion for fighting against school reform. 

This is the most interesting part of the left wing conspiracy fighting for school board seats. A great unraveling is occurring before our eyes, with the battle lines drawn between teacher union stooges and those looking for something a little bit different, and better, from their school system.

Emily Sirota is lining up with the slate of union goonies like Andrea Merida, famous for spending thrice her budget and seeing nothing wrong with that. It's become a slate on slate race, with Hancock throwing his weight behind the reformers, while Sirota et al fight on the behalf of the CEA and other forces of education stagnation. 

Nothing pleases us more than to see the left wing come around on school reform. They're in a tough spot, as the union stooges don't fight fair. They use "shameful" tactics according to The Denver Post editorial board. Recall 2009:

The shameful display by new board member Andrea Merida and the orchestrated attack on the needed reform efforts at Denver Public Schools — an attack aided by Democratic consultant Steve Welchert and attorney Mark Grueskin — dashed hopes the newly configured board would be a strong voice for efforts being championed by the Obama administration.

Instead, the embarrassing and unprofessional display only raised doubts about the future of the district's promising plans to turn around failing schools and close the city's achievement gap.

If Emily Sirota is anything like David, who’s the nastiest net roots gool in the West, DPS can expect an uptick in “shameful” displays should Sirota win. With David Sirota’s background of smear campaigns against opponents of his favored candidate, we wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to see those type of tactics rear their ugly head in the DPS race.

Nor will we be surprised to receive a less-than-flattering review of this post from the net root gool himself. He’s been known to have a thin skin.

With David Sirota taking on the cause celebre of the far left wing — complaining about Obama’s (non-existent) centrist tendencies — this DPS race is certain to be a bruising battle in the civil war for the left wing.

As for JeffCo, they've picked their horse and are all in for Dahlkemper.