Remember when Mayor Hancock's communication team got themselves in trouble by telling the Colorado press that they were bored of them already and that they wanted a national profile for Hancock? Well it appears they have gone full steam ahead with that initiative anyway. Yesterday, the White House, searching for a Democrat, any Democrat, who would stand by their side on Stimulus II, found a willing stooge in Mayor Hancock.

In attempting to be new media hip, the White House tweeted Hancock's support via a Youtube video. In a sign of the double-edged sword of new media, the video has 30 "dislikes" to only 22 "likes." Turns out the denizens of the web are about as enamored with the "Jobs" act as the Democrat-controlled US Senate, which is to say not at all. 

It's more than slightly ironic that all the mayors clamoring for bipartisanship on the "Jobs" act are Democrat mayors of liberal strongholds. We can't seem to find much support coming from elected officials who are not safely ensconced in their seats of power, which is why Democrat Senators with tough re-elections in 2012 wouldn't even allow the bill to come up for debate in the US Senate yesterday.

Remember: With two Senate Democrats voting against Obama’s bill yesterday, support for the American "Jobs" Act has been a partisan affair, while opposition revels in the glow of bi-partisanship. 

Whereas Governor Hickenlooper has played the James Carville to Obama, refusing to abide by the White House talking points and giving the unvarnished truth about the "hard time" Obama will have winning Colorado, Mayor Michael Hancock has been happy to be Obama's Denver dupe.

Knowing these roles, who do you think national political reporters will call for comment on the election?