An astute reader pointed out something interesting about Steve Hogan's attack ad targeted at Ryan Frazier…it's darn near identical to the attack ads run by Perlmutter against Frazier in their congressional match-up last year. Heck, the ad even cites the liberal online rag The Huffington Post for one of their attacks on Frazier. At this point, why not take it all the way and do a testimonial interview with Pat Stryker too?

All of which got us thinking…  

About a month ago Perlmutter endorsed Hogan, weirdly choosing a Republican over other Democrats that are now in the race. Of course Perlmutter wouldn't shimmy in the direction of Frazier, but why would he choose Hogan over, for example, “Defector Debbie” Stafford?  

That left wing endorsement of Hogan set off a tit-for-tat, with Republican Congressman Mike Coffman jumping to Frazier's defense.  

Still Perlmutter's endorsement of Hogan sent conservative Aurorans, who might have otherwise given Hogan a closer look, scratching their heads.  

Now as the race closes to an end, those same conservatives have one more morsel to mull over…Steve Hogan is running for Mayor on Ed Perlmutter's campaign themes.  

We referenced it in our earlier post, but proof of the similarity of Hogan and the Democrats messaging has got us wondering out loud again… why would a Republican pick Perlmutter's pal Hogan over Frazier or Jude Sandvall?  

And since we are asking questions, how about one more…is Ed Perlmutter running Steve Hogan's campaign?