We want to correct the record on an error we made on our last post on Representative Max Tyler. We reported that he was photographed in the squatter's camp after Governor Hickenlooper's 11 pm curfew based on The Denver Post's published photograph that had an 11:38 timestamp, which we published proof of here.

The photographer who took the photo of Max Tyler contacted us to say the photo was taken at 8:09 pm and sent us a screenshot of the original timestamp. It appears when the photo was edited the original timestamp was altered. We regret the error. 

While it is still news that Max Tyler was down in solidarity with the Occupy Denver squatters at Veteran's Park, we need to note that it was BEFORE the 11 pm curfew. 

Max Tyler loves him some squatters, but apparently will only stand with them during the time allowed by Governor Hickenlooper.