Disarray on the left about Proposition 103 spread like wildfire this weekend, as the normally tax-hike happy Denver Post editorial board dealt a brutal blow to Rollie Heath's ploy to raise taxes by another couple billion dollars.  

The Post editorialized against Proposition 103 saying, in effect, that the proposed $3 Billion tax increase just wasn't big enough for their liking.  

The big problem with Proposition 103 is that it falls woefully short in addressing the state's financial troubles and finding a long-term solution to education funding."

The entire Proposition 103 debacle must be feeling like a bad rendition of Goldilocks and The Three Bears, whose porridge was always too hot or too cold. (spell check h/t Tim Hoover)  

In the case of Prop. 103, the left thinks Heath's fiscal porridge is inadequate to the task. They want a boiling hot tax hike billions and billions more than Rollie's $2.9 billion.  

But the right, joined with the normally squishy business community, thinks Heath's porridge to be too hot as it is. As two studies have shown, a $2.9 billion tax hike, however inadequate it might seem to the left, is still a recipe for lost jobs.  

And John Hickenlooper? Well he won't say, but he "sympathizes" with people who want hotter porridge. 

And when “smelly hippies” want to huff and puff and blow his house down? He waits a couple weeks and sends in the riot police. Oh wait…wrong story. 

The moral of the story is that the state's most influential newspaper sent Rollie Heath's tax hike porridge back to the kitchen. All of which is bad for Rollie Heath.