There is growing a growing body of evidence that hints at the fact that all of the Democrats who threw their political careers overboard to support Obamacare (listen up Betsy Markey!) did so for a policy that may not live long enough to even be implemented.

Even as a conservative U.S. Supreme Court prepares to consider a full-on challenge to the measures' constitutionality, key components of Obamacare are falling by the way side for failing a different test…that of basic practicality.

The latest aspect of Obamacare to fall by the wayside is a major component, the Community Living Assistance Service and Supports (CLASS) program. The White House had to cut the program thanks to the work of former Senator Judd Gregg (R-NH) who inserted language into Obamacare that said the program couldn't go forward unless an actuarial analysis said the program was financially self-sustaining.

Well, Obama's administration spent months and months trying to find a way and in the end came to the conclusion that the promises made in Obamacare for CLASS were not realistic. In cutting the program, the White House is stripping 40% of the deficit reduction promised by Obamacare. 

When conservatives said the idea that Obamacare would cut the deficit was a complete joke, this is what they were talking about.

Perhaps the biggest damage to the Obama administration is the imagery it creates of Obamacare falling apart, bit-by-bit. Per The Washington Post:

The Obama administration cut a major planned benefit from the 2010  health-care law on Friday, announcing that a program to offer Americans  insurance for long-term care was simply unworkable.

Although the program had been dogged from the start by doubts about  its feasibility, its elimination marks the first time the  administration has backed away from a key piece of President Obama’s  signature legislative achievement.

The ending of the CLASS program follows the repeal of the small business-burdening 1099 requirement and the increasing calls for the ending of the bureaucrat board that will make Medicare rationing decisions known as IPAB (also known as the death panel). 

Taken together these developments illustrate an Obamacare that is unraveling before our eyes and only mere months after Betsy Markey saw the end of a promising political career over the very same program. 

As Democrats forced Obamacare down our throats via the reconciliation process in the US Senate, thus requiring only 51 votes to pass, the same method may also be used to overturn the law when Republicans, in all likelihood, take back the majority in the Senate in 2013. 

Come 2013, Obamacare may be six feet under, joining the political graveyard stacked with bodies of Democrats from 2010. 

Yes, including you Betsy Markey!