Aurora mayoral candidate Jude Sandvall ripped fellow Republican candidate Steve Hogan today for his cozy ties to the AFL-CIO and for driving the taxpayer funded NW Parkway bonds Hogan was responsible for managing into "junk status" that were "forced to [be sold] to a foreign conglomerate who is now reaping the rewards from our tax dollars." 

After the AFL-CIO mailed two pieces ripping Ryan Frazier and pimping Steve Hogan, Sandvall told the Peak that the labor union's support of Hogan was "no surprise" as he is a "big government, tax and spend bureaucrat who will pander to any liberal special interest." Sandvall also accused Hogan of supporting an additional layer of bureaucracy in Aurora and for increasing taxes based on Hogan's statement that he supports "broadening the tax base."

But Sandvall didn't mince words on the other Republican in the race, Ryan Frazier, calling him "Steve Hogan light." Sandvall hit Frazier for his support of $300 million in tax subsidies for the proposed Gaylord Entertainment complex in Aurora, calling it "Aurora's own 'Stimulus Plan.'" Just as Hogan has, Sandvall also brought up Frazier's support for pay raises for a few appointees while the city is facing a $7.5 million deficit. 

The race for Aurora mayor has heated up in the final weeks, with Hogan running TV ads hitting Ryan Frazier that are eerily reminiscent of the ones run by Ed Perlmutter in last year's election. Frazier has committed to a no-negativity pledge, which has stopped him from responding in kind. 

Both Hogan and Frazier have raised over $200,000 for their campaigns and are rapidly spending that campaign cash in the dwindling days of the race. 

Outside this two-man (heavily-funded) mud wrestling match stands Jude Sandvall, a realtor and grassroots candidate aiming to take the mayor's race through dogged determination and door knocks, not expensive TV ads and labor union smears. 

As of a week ago, Sandvall reported knocking on over 12,500 voters' doors. 

Sandvall tells the Peak that he takes solace in his grassroots strategy based on the underdog victories of two Aurora city council candidates in 2009, Marsha Berzins and Melissa Miller, who beat much better funded challengers.

With the backing of serious conservatives like former Congressman and current State Board of Ed member Bob Schaffer and GOP stalwarts Bo and Lynn Cottrell, Sandvall has a solid case to make to conservative voters.

In a time where voters are more likely to throw out all the bums, Sandvall's lack of previous public office makes him stand out. In an anti-politician mood the voters in Aurora may be inclined to support the businessman over the politicians. 

Based on Sandvall's statement to the Peak, one thing is clear: While Sandvall is not a career politician, he can certainly throw punches with the best of them. 


You can also read Bob Schaffer's case for Sandvall's candidacy here.

Jude Sandvall’s statement to the Peak

The AFL-CIO's support of Steve Hogan is no surprise. Hogan's record over his four decades in office shows that he is a big government, tax and spend bureaucrat who will pander to any liberal special interest. He has supported the expansion of government by advocating for a City and County of Aurora that would add another layer of government on top of an already inefficient, ineffective, and unaccountable city government. He continually proposes tax increases stating, "…it would be a good thing to start broadening our tax base." And the executive experience that he touts includes his management of the taxpayer funded NW Parkway where he drove their bonds to junk status and was forced to sell it to a foreign conglomerate who is now reaping the rewards from our tax dollars.  

Unfortunately, my other Republican opponent in this race has proven himself to be Steve Hogan light. Ryan Frazier's support of the Gaylord Entertainment, $300 million taxpayer subsidy because it will bring "jobs and economic stimulus" reeks of Aurora's own "Stimulus Plan." Add to that his support of bonuses to his executive appointees while the city is facing a $7.5 million budget deficit and in time his record will rival Hogan's.