Tom Tancredo has been one of Rick Perry's biggest detractors since before Perry even entered the race for President, publishing an Op-Ed slamming Perry on his illegal immigration stance weeks before Perry announced his campaign. Yesterday, on Caplis and Silverman (630 KHOW weekdays 3-6pm) Tancredo pounded Perry hard for his attack on Mitt Romney's hiring of a contractor to work on his property who in turn hired illegal immigrants. During the interview Tancredo called Perry "a fraud" and said he was as guilty as Romney for hiring illegal immigrants.

In an email to the Peak, Tancredo said "Perry is just as guilty of "hiring illegals" because I am sure he has been served by an illegal alien or has had his food cooked by one in a Texas restaurant."

Tancredo has also been accused of hiring illegals. In 2002, The Denver Post reported that a contractor hired to work on Tancredo's home had subcontracted out some of that work to illegal immigrants. Just as Romney pointed out in the debate, Tancredo said he couldn't be held responsible for the hiring decisions of the contractor he hired.

When asked by Caplis and Silverman what he thought about Perry's attack on Romney he said it was probably caused by a Perry staff member telling Perry he needed to "get some juices flowing, buddy, because the last couple of debates [Perry] just slept through, and so, I absolutely think that was part of the deal."

Tancredo predicted Perry wouldn't become the nominee and seemed to take some joy in his rapidly deflating candidacy, saying:

"I think he has imploded. I think he is finished and I hope I helped kick some holes in his boat."

This string of attacks on Perry seems to hint at a second Tancredo endorsement of Romney. In 2008, Tancredo endorsed Romney after dropping out of the Presidential race himself — an endorsement that was seen at the time as a huge boost to Romney's candidacy and observers thought it would significantly bolster Romney's credibility on immigration with conservatives.  

As Tancredo repeated to Caplis and Silverman, he believes Romney lost the nomination mostly because of the attacks on his Mormon religion by Mike Huckabee, where Huckabee upset Romney in Iowa on the strength of support from social conservatives.  

This time around, Tancredo says he is supporting Herman Cain saying "I am supporting Herman Cain. I think he's great."  

Though, if the race becomes a two-way fight between Perry and Romney, we wouldn't be the least bit surprised to see Tancredo throw his support to Romney. Tancredo clearly loathes Rick Perry and would do anything to ensure he is not the Republican nominee.    


You can hear the full Tancredo interview with Caplis and Silverman here (the Tancredo interview begins 8:30 in)