Independence Institute President Jon Caldara has been on a tear recently on state Senator Rollie Heath’s (D-Boulder) proposed $3 Billion tax hike known as Prop 103.

From the recently published i2i study (PDF) hammering home the point that Prop 103 is a job-killer, the second study showing devastating impacts of Prop 103, to convincing a 5-time world Domino champion to visually demonstrate the effect Prop 103 would have on employment, Caldara and the Independence Institute have been absolutely spanking the Boulder Senators' foolish tax hike plan.

If you haven't seen the Domino video, it's a great one for a Friday afternoon and great to send to your less politically oriented friends. It makes a point in a humorous and entertaining way — vintage Caldara:

Caldara and i2i's rip roaring attack on Prop 103 with a laser-like focus on jobs, jobs, jobs has helped force supporters of the tax hike into producing their own sham “study” defending the initiative.

Just today Big Government lovers the Bell Policy Center released a study trying to claim raising taxes $3 billion in a recession won't actually affect the economy. More on that later. Suffice it to say it relies heavily on discredited Obama stimulus-like economics.

Caldara is dead-on in his estimation of what really matters to the public right now: jobs. Or as James Carville might advise Rollie Heath and Bell Policy: it's the economy, stupid.