Time was, Colorado Peak Politics was the lone voice who slammed Governor John Hickenlooper for egregiously ducking the Prop 103 debate.  

We didn't mind at the time, but we'll admit…a little company is nice.  

Last week, Great Ed Colorado got into the act, as we were first to report, calling on Chickenlooper and liberal chicken hawks in the Legislature to get off the sideline for job-killing taxation. In the email they asked supporters of Prop 103 to sign their petition demanding Hick and his Democrat allies in the Legislature finally pick a side.

They didn't have to ask Republicans in the Legislature about their position — the entire House and Senate GOP caucuses have made clear they stand opposed to raising taxes amidst the Great Recession.

The chorus line grew longer today, when Great Ed announced that 1,200 left wingers who love higher taxes signed their petition. (h/t Tim Hoover)

With Hickenlooper finally shutting down the squatter camp that was Occupy Denver with riot police last week, but only after being pushed into doing so by Senator Brophy and talk radio, there is not much love for him on the Left right now. 

An angry set of tax and spend liberals coming after the Guv is the last thing he needed.

This latest move is further proof that Hick's nearly 9-month honeymoon, where he was unable to garner even a scent of bad press, is finally over. 

As we said earlier today, when you try to be all things to all people you end up making everyone mad. 

Maybe the Governor should quit trying to play both sides and pick a side. You know…govern.