State Senator Evie Hudak (D-Arvada) owes her position in the Capitol's upper chamber to the outside groups that smeared her 2008 opponent and now-state Representative Libby Szabo (R-Arvada). Knowing this history, it seems more than just a little bit hypocritical for her to be crying for a campaign cash handout in response to a TV ad run by Compass Colorado that informs voters of her support for the proposed job-killing $3 Billion tax increase known as Prop 103.

This morning, state Senator Morgan Carroll (D-Aurora) blasted out an email begging for campaign donations for Hudak saying:

Yesterday, the shadowy special interest group Compass Colorado launched an attack ad against my friend, Senator Evie Hudak of Arvada.

This ad, on television with more than a year before the elections next November, shows that the outside groups are willing to do whatever it takes to take over the Colorado Senate. Help Evie fight back by contributing to her campaign today.

…The outside money groups…are trying to distort her record and tar her image so they can defeat her and take over the Colorado Senate.

Shadowy special interest groups? Tar her image? Morgan Carroll must not have been able to keep a straight face while typing this email. How could she if she has a longer memory than a goldfish and remembers the 2008 smear campaign run by shadowy special interest group "Accountability for Colorado (AFC)" against Szabo.

The campaign by AFC went so far in trying to tar Szabo that it sent a piece of mail, like this one, that proclaimed "Szabo has said she'll outlaw all abortions — even if the father is a rapist."

You know…real classy, issue oriented ads with full financial disclosure.  

Did Hudak ever denounce any of those smear jobs? Nope. She sat back and watched "shadowy special interest groups" tear down her opponent with joy.

Hudak won that election with a scant 50.9% of the vote thanks to six figures worth of Pat Stryker and Tim Gill's money pumped into AFC that assaulted Szabo seemingly endlessly in the weeks running up to Election Day.

After being the recipient of scummy support like that — how in the world does Hudak have the gall to complain about ads that merely point out she is supporting a ballot initiative? She has stood at Rollie Heath's right side at every one of his press conferences proclaiming the need to be the only state in the country to pass a tax hike initiative in the midst of the Great Recession. 

Is Hudak not proud to support Prop 103? Or can she just not stand the taste of her own medicine?