According to Lynn Bartels of The Denver Post, former Governor Bill Ritter is sitting down for a TV interview next week to talk about two themes: leadership and next steps. We have a suggestion for a question: Governor Ritter, are you running to become the next President of CSU? Is Al Yates lining it up for you?

We have been hearing quite a bit of scuttlebutt recently about Bill Ritter's next moves, and now have multiple, reliable sources telling us that the former Governor is beginning to jockey for his next taxpayer-funded gig. We are told he wants back on the public dole and is actively seeking to become the next President of Colorado State University (CSU), where he is currently on the Pat Stryker scholarship program as a de facto green energy lobbyist.

After stepping down after only one term as Governor, Ritter moved to CSU to head the New Energy Economy center, based on Ritter's favorite slogan, in a position paid for by private dollars. Recently Tim Hoover of The Denver Post reported that while Ritter's salary was being paid for by private dollars, he was actually earning himself a spot in the Public Employee Retirement Association (PERA) pension fund that would pay out based on the $300,000 salary Pat Stryker ponied up for him.

Now with one part of the Colorado Democracy Alliance buying his way into the CSU system, sources are telling us he is utilizing another by enlisting the help of former CSU President Al Yates. Yates has been Pat Stryker's mouthpiece for years and was the CSU President from 1989-2002. 

With green companies like Solyndra dropping like flies and extensive investigations beginning across the country into green energy scams backed by key political donors, maybe Ritter is seeking greener pastures, pun intended, in the CSU Presidency. 

We all know Rittter would rather avoid having to explain his connections to Abound Solar and federal loan guarantees.

Whatever the reason for Ritter's alleged moves to run the Rams, we certainly think it would be interesting to find out from the man himself if he is indeed running.  

There is a whole bunch of chatter out there so let’s put it to bed — Governor Ritter, do you want to become the next President of CSU?