Aurora mayoral candidate Ryan Frazier found an interesting way to get around his pledge to stay positive in the mayor's race. Rather than attack his opponents outright, he is attacking their attacks. After coming under massive assault by the AFL-CIO and Steve Hogan using recycled attacks out of Ed Perlmutter's playbook, Frazier decided it was time to hit back. And hit back he did.

In a robo-dial that has gone out to Aurora voters, Frazier hits Hogan and his supporters in AFL-CIO as being connected back to the Occupy Wall Street squatter camp. Give the robo-dial a listen here:

While Hogan may have been thankful for the financial support of Big Labor, the association is a campaign killer in conservative circles. Through the robo-call Frazier is attempting to make the backing of Big Labor and Ed Perlmutter a net negative. 

The race has gotten closer in the closing days of the campaign, with Hogan's campaign touting internal polling that shows the race tied between Frazier and Hogan at 20%, though we have yet to see that poll published anywhere.

The last publicly available polling was released by the Frazier campaign in early August, which showed Frazier up over Hogan 27-14.

With both Hogan and Frazier's campaigns flush with cash, and Jude Sandvall pounding the pavement hard in his grassroots campaign, this race looks like it will be a dog fight to the finish.

We just don't know how Hogan's campaign crosses the finish line first without the support of any conservatives.  


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