Yesterday, Governor Hickenlooper was expounding on the reason why it's important to pass President Obama's American "Jobs" Act through massively raising taxes and hiring more government employees. In his attempt to sell Obama's political message Fox31's Eli Stokols reports he said:

"We have almost 25,000 people out of work in Colorado and waiting another year to do so seems silly."

The problem with that political shilling? It's unbelievably far off from the real number of unemployed Coloradans.  

25,000 people out of work? Try 225,000 people.  

Has the Governor become so out of touch with reality during his nine-month honeymoon that he doesn't even know how bad it is out there?

Maybe it's best he avoid talking about Obama in general. He first stepped in it back in July when he said Obama would "have a hard time" time winning Colorado in 2012. He then tried to walk that back when Obama was in Colorado last month saying Obama "probably can win" Colorado. 

Maybe instead of spending his time talking to Politico reporters about his potential to run for President in 2016, Hickenlooper should spend his time understanding the plight of the people he is currently supposed to be working for.

How can you fix the unemployment situation if you don't even know what it is?

Maybe it should not be "No Jobs" John, but "I have no idea how many people don't have a job" John. 

If you think all of this is much ado about nothing, just ask yourself…what would the mainstream press do to Herman Cain or Rick Perry (or Sarah Palin!) if they underestimated unemployment by a factor of 10?