In the past few months in Colorado liberals have made a cottage industry out of accusations of racism — often times without even a hint of proof. Remember when Terrance Carroll tried to accuse Westword of being racist for jokingly adding a whip sound to Mayor Hancock's new DIA greeting? Or how about the time Wellington Webb made up a prison population out of thin air to try to tar the GOP as drawing racist-inspired reapportionment lines?

Well…two can play at this game.

Since liberals love loose-link racist accusations we got one for them. Yesterday, Mayor Michael Han(d)cock was proudly proclaiming the accomplishments of his first 100 days in office. You know — spending a million bucks more on political appointments than Hickenlooper, trying to ban the press from recording briefings, and hosting a weekend bash for his political hacks at a big donor's tony Beaver Creek mansion. In that speech, The Denver Post reports he quoted a one Friedrich Nietzsche.

You know Nietzsche — Hitler's favorite philosopher. 

The Post doesn't say what Nietzsche quote he used — that doesn't matter when throwing out wild accusations of racism — but let's hope it wasn't from anything that Hitler appropriated into Mein Kampf.

We think Mayor Hancock owes an apology to the Jewish community for his insensitive quoting of a man accused of developing the intellectual foundation of the Third Reich.

Oh, and he should apologize to all women in Colorado too, as Nietzsche was a famous misogynist as well. 

It's strange, one of the top purveyors of false accusations of racism — Terrance Carroll — snuck into the photo op while Hancock was quoting anti-Semitic philosophers. Guess we missed Terrance's press release denouncing Hancock.

Terrance — would you mind re-emailing us your condemnation of Mayor Hancock to tips (at)

Needless to say, the Peak is outraged — just outraged.