Over the next couple of weeks we fully expect Rick Perry to attempt to rip Mitt Romney's face off in a blinding blitz of negative TV ads running in Iowa and South Carolina. Before that, as his advisers have been saying for weeks, he will begin with positive spots introducing himself to voters with a heavy focus on his impressive jobs record in Texas.

Starting today a positive spot will run in Iowa at the cost of $232,000 that leans heavily on his job creation record in Texas but pivots to the creation of new jobs through investment in the development of domestic energy supplies:

While Perry has done himself nothing but harm in the debates, which he himself admitted recently, his TV ads could potentially be Mitt Romney's Achilles heel. Perry has a wickedly smart team behind him that is known to do what it takes to win. 

The national team he just brought on in the form of pollster Tony Fabrizio, Curt Anderson, and Nelson Warfield were the team behind Florida Governor Rick Scott's notoriously negative, but effective, campaign last year. 

Both Perry and Romney's team are stock full of operatives with a penchant for disembowelment of opponents as political strategy, so as soon as the first Perry hit on Romney appears we wouldn't be the least bit surprised to see Romney respond in kind with an equally vicious assault.