People who write political emails are aware that often times they aren't opened or if they are, people merely scan them, rather than reading them like they would a message from a friend or co-worker. Knowing that, it seems rather odd for Sal Pace's (D-Urination) Congressional campaign to blast out an email to his list with the subject: "Tell Tipton YOU Deserve a Tax Cut." At a time when his party is desperately trying to push through a $3 Billion tax increase with Prop 103, the highest ranking state House Democrat is seemingly sabotaging their efforts with a decidedly anti-tax increase message.

Adding to Pace's blitz, his email is chock full of attacks on tax increases in general, telling his supporters that Colorado families can't afford ANY tax hikes. Here's a few select lines:

Join the fight! Sign our petition and add your name — tell Scott Tipton that Colorado's working families can't afford a tax hike!

…Sign before MIDNIGHT tonight and add your voice — tell Scott Tipton that regular Coloradans can’t afford a tax hike!  

This 2% payroll tax hike makes no sense economically. Our working families need as much income as they can — not only to support themselves, but to re-invest in our economy.

We wonder what Rollie Heath thinks of this, since he claims working families CAN afford a tax hike. 

Pace has hidden like Hickenlooper on Prop 103, trotting out the line that people don't have an appetite for tax increases, while refusing to take a position himself

Based on the statements in his campaign email we don't understand how his supporters could think he is anything but opposed to Prop 103.

Maybe someone in the press can get Pace to clarify — if working families CAN'T afford a tax hike then how can they afford Prop 103? Or is Pace okay with an initiative being passed that families can't afford?