Is there a battle royale between Democrat heavyweights Jared Polis and Tim Gill?

Perhaps not, but it's hard to overlook the major schisms developing in Lakewood between Polis' and Gill's proxies. After Dems have fought for 20 years to repeal “Don't Ask, Don't Tell,” you'd think Dems everywhere would be elated to support a gay military veteran running as a Democrat. Problem is, Brian Carroll, a gay veteran, chose to take on Rep. Andy Kerr in a primary in a newly drawn district (which also includes Rep. Ken Summers), a move which has exposed major fault lines in CODA's braintrust.

Those with a rudimentary knowledge of Colorado politics know Polis and Gill/Ted Trimpa, along with Rutt Bridges and Pat Stryker, are the driving force behind CODA and the Dem's resurgence in the state. But how does it look when Trimpa (Gill's hit man), One Colorado Director Brad Clark, every gay legislator, and several liberal lobbyists including Adam Eichberg and Will Coyne (who now represent One Colorado) host a fundraiser for Kerr? Although those are some heavy liberal hitters, it's worth asking where are the operatives from Polis' inner circle?

A key operative for Polis' 2008 primary upset win versus Joan Fitz-Gerald, Andy Szekeres, has been running operations for Carroll. Szekeres isn't some hum-drum underling either. He was named one of the top 3 Democrat fundraisers…nationally.

The timing of the fundraiser, Nov. 9, is the night before Carroll's announced kick-off of Nov. 10th, making it clear that the Gill and Trimpa bunch aren't raising dough for the general election nearly a year away. There are several rumors floating around why Carroll chose to challenge Kerr, some signs point nationally, others more local. One possibility is that Steve Harvey, a Jeffco Democrat, liberal blogger, and classmate of Carroll's in the Center for Progressive Leadership pushed him to run. Harvey ran last year against Rep. Jim Kerr and could be described as the liberal's answer to Matt Arnold. Other signs point to the Polis and “Professional Left” crowd who have dreamed of this opportunity for years.

Time will tell exactly why Carroll is running, and perhaps Szekeres is acting on his own, but it's hard to ignore a fight pitting Polis vs. Gill.