The election results hadn't even been certified and already liberal activists were ripping Governor Chickenlooper Hickenlooper a new one, furious over his refusal to back their $3 Billion tax hike. Rollie Heath, the main backer of the initiative that went down in flames, was equally upset, but instead turned his fire on the voters of Colorado.

The anger at the Democrat governor was on full display over at Colorado Pols, where the angry denizens of the netroots let loose their frustration on the Guv. We can't print what they said about him, but let's say it rhymes with Mother Hucking Pig Chucker. A few others had derisive things to say about the Democrats' leadership in general, annoyed as we were that they wouldn't even take a position on the tax increase, perhaps fearing the inevitable defeat the ballot measure was headed towards. 

This, folks, is civil war. A circular firing squad. And we love it. 

While activists reserved much of their scorn for the elected leadership's abysmal failure to raise taxes, the lead politician backing Prop 103, Rollie Heath, decided that rather than blame himself, he would insult the voters of Colorado. 

In basically calling Coloradans stupid for not believing raising taxes in a recession was the right decision, Rollie dared to insult the same folks his liberal political establishment will be asking to re-elect another big tax increase lover in only a year's time. 

"I just don't know how far in education cuts we'll have to do before people realize what we're doing," he told the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel in poor English.

"I cannot accept the response that the citizens of this state don't want to raise taxes," he whined to The Denver Post back in February when he began his ill-fated drive to raise taxes in a recession. 

Well, sorry Rollie, but you don't have a choice in accepting it or not. The voters spoke and they told you to sit down and shut up. 

Voters told every tax hiker to take a hike, with virtually every tax measure in the state going down by big numbers, because there are plenty of other bills they need to pay before they even begin to think about giving the government more money. 

The netroot ghouls at Colorado Pols probably have it right. Blame the politicians before you blame the people. You can't replace the people.