Some people never learn. You can beat them over the head with the lesson and it still won't sink in. Case in point: Liberal Loon Carol Hedges. The big government budget maven from the liberal Fiscal Policy Institute believes, unlike anyone else in Colorado, that Prop 103 lost because it wasn't big enough and didn't last forever. Apparently when voters reject a five-year, $3 Billion tax increase two-to-one it means you just should have asked for more.

Per The Denver Post:

Some voters didn't think 103 was big enough or didn't like that it was only temporary, Hedges said. Some disliked that the measure didn't reinstate a graduated income tax.  

"I think the message is that you have to keep trying," said Hedges, who added, "I hope all the people who didn't support 103 because they wanted the Big Fix are committed to holding people accountable to make sure that Big Fix comes through, because our state is at risk if we don't."

Uh huh. Sure, Carol.

Since we can't top Jon Caldara's response to this liberal lunacy, we'll let him respond as he did to The Denver Post:

"That's like saying women aren't interested in me because I'm not bald enough," Caldara said Wednesday. "They (103 supporters) are dreaming. Last night, the people of Colorado overwhelmingly said, 'We can't afford more tax increases.'"

Political strategist Lori Weigel believes the public just doesn’t buy the budget problems Carol Hedges is selling:

“The assumption of the chattering class that everyone knows how difficult the budget situation is is a complete fallacy,” Weigel said. “Most Coloradans think there is fat still to be cut and waste in government. There is not a sense that our state budget is in crisis.”

Maybe the Liberal Loon’s poorly constructed excuses are simply her trying to protect her own ego, as she backed off her own tax initiatives that were far bigger and permanent and agreed to support Heath's initiative as the more likely to pass.

No, really. 

Back in March we reported that Hedges decided to stand behind Rollie Heath's bone-brained tax hike attempt that eventually became Prop 103 because no one would support her idea. 

So…no one would support the Loon’s huge, permanent tax increase with a graduated income tax in March…so she supported Rollie's temporary flat tax increase…which was thoroughly rejected by voters in all but three counties in Colorado…which means Rollie's tax increase lost because it wasn't big enough, permanent and including a graduated income tax. 

Wow. Liberal logic is some convoluted, nonsensical garbage. 

Carol: let us explain this really, really slowly for you so you can understand.

The economy is in the tank. People cannot afford to give the government more money. Government gets enough money. In fact, government is growing faster than the population. People have to live within their means. Tuesday's vote told you and all other purveyors of growing government further to sit down, shut up and live within your means like everyone else. 

Votes that are as big of a blowout as Prop 103 are clear lessons. Try to pay attention to the electorate. They did not stutter.