After accusing rural Americans of "clinging to guns or religion," President Obama decided to use God as a life raft for his own failed attempt at passing Stimulus II. During a press conference yesterday, Obama not only invoked God's supposed support for his American "Jobs" Act legislation, but his Press Secretary Jay Carney tried to defend him later by incorrectly quoting scripture.

It was a series of events so stupid that even the liberal online rag Huffington Post hit the White House with an article entitled "Biblical Blunder At White House After Obama Said God Wants Jobs Bill." In it they quote Obama defending his legislation and saying:

"I trust in God, but God wants to see us help ourselves by putting people back to work," the president said.

Implied in that statement, as Huffpo notes in their headline, is that Obama thinks God wants Congress to pass Obama's legislation.

If God supposedly supports the "Jobs" bill, then why did the Democrat-controlled US Senate kill it? Are Democrats in the nation's Upper Chamber defying God's will?

Or is this simply a case of a flailing Obama White House desperate to use whatever rhetorical devices are necessary to pass a bill thoroughly discredited in its first iteration (see Stimulus circa 2009) and conclusively rejected by Obama's own party in the US Senate?

Whenever you invoke God's support for legislation or compare an opponent's ideas to Hitler you have lost. End of story. 

Speaking of deity-ordained missions, with the economy not improving and Americans frustrated with Obama's economic failures we think it's Obama's Manifest Destiny to make his way back to Chicago in January 2013. 

We know, because God via Pat Robertson told us so.