What is it with Colorado Democrats and offers of positions and titles to shove aside primary contenders from challenging incumbents? Last year the Obama White House offered Andrew Romanoff a government gig if he decided not to run against "Accidental Senator" Michael Bennet. Today comes news that gay veteran Brian Carroll has dropped his primary challenge to state Rep. Andy Kerr (D-Lakewood) in exchange for running the Democrats' Veteran Council.

Democrats were so desperate to avoid a primary challenge that they invented the Veterans' Council to bribe Carroll out of the race, appointing him Interim Chair of the newly-created council. It’s so new it’s not even listed on the state party’s website.

Carroll made a big national news splash upon announcing his run, being the first gay veteran to run for public office after the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell. All of that ink was spilled for naught it appears, as the power brokers in the Democrat Party worked behind the scenes to push Carroll out of the race. 

Despite their love of identity politics, Democrat politicians sided with the status quo over allowing their party's voters from choosing their nominee in a primary. 

We're betting Andy Kerr wished he had the same type of establishment support last November when he lost to Rep. Sal Pace (D-Urination) in the House Minority Leader race. 

Andy Kerr, once the rising star, now looks like a pampered lap dog of the Left, incapable of defending himself against a little ole primary challenge, relying on the Big Boys for what he cannot do for himself.