Crossroads GPS, a name that strikes fear into Democrats' hearts across the country, is dropping three hundred large into Colorado, slamming President Obama's support for tax hikes in a recession using the words of none other than former President Bill Clinton.

The ad, at a cost of $296,000, is running for two weeks in the Denver and Colorado Springs media markets. Check it out here:

With Prop 103 going down in flames last week, the issue of raising taxes in a recession is a potent one for the Colorado electorate. Voters said NO to raising taxes right now at a nearly two-to-one rate, and that was just for an increase of $3 billion for education. Obama, on the other hand, has proposed over a trillion in new taxes. 

Crossroads GPS is the 501(c)(4) arm of American Crossroads, which allows it to accept donations anonymously. President Obama has his former campaign aides running a similar group that can take unlimited and anonymous donations, called Priorities USA, though it has struggled to gain the financial backing that Crossroads and Crossroads GPS have garnered.

The two Crossroads groups have a fundraising goal of $240 million this cycle, meaning they will have plenty of resources to continually smack Obama on the Colorado airwaves. 


You can see Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour’s first ad for American Crossroads here.