Ponytailed Poet Mike Littwin of The Denver Post takes a Twitter class on Oct 31. Little more than a week later his 140 characters are beamed to millions of people on the CNBC GOP primary debate, scrolling across the bottom of the screen (Dean Singleton has magical powers). As Littwin's luck would have it, his tweet happened to be scrolling at the exact moment Rick Perry was having his now infamous "Oops" moment.

In a clip likely to become as overplayed as the Howard Dean scream, Mike Littwin's snark gets to play a minor role. 

While we wholly do not endorse anything the Post editorial board's resident Socialist says, including the now infamous Tweet, we have to give credit where credit is due.

Mike: you're one lucky S.O.B.

As if that wasn't lucky enough, after the debate the Drudge Report headline was simply "53 Seconds" with a link to a Youtube video of the debate flub — partly starring the commentary of Mike Littwin. Drudge has been known to drive some traffic every now and again. 

In an interesting side note, the Drudge-headlined video appears to be a brilliant piece of political warfare by a rival campaign. Mere minutes after Perry made the mistake, a Youtube account was created with the name PerryFedAgencies and the 53 second clip was uploaded. Soon after that the video was headlined on Drudge, racking up views faster than Kim Kardashian got divorced.

And Mike Littwin gets to tag along for the ride. Some guys have all the luck.