With the redistricting decision by liberal lapdog Judge Hyatt yesterday, things have changed dramatically for state Senate President and CD4 Congressional candidate Brandon Shaffer. With the dramatic shift in Congressional districts, our sources say there are loud rumblings that Shaffer is likely to drop his Congressional bid soon.

And why not — about the only favor the Democrat map did was to not draw him out of it. But in a district that is a lock-ness loser for the Longmont Liberal, they might as well have.

It wouldn't even be the first time Shaffer dipped his toe into a Congressional race, only to abruptly depart soon thereafter. See his angering of liberal activists in 2007 when he bollixed up his entrance by insulting left-wing darling Angie Paccione as unable to win. But he soon realized then what he is likely to recognize now — that he can't win.

The question, our sources say, is how long it takes to sink in for Shaffer that he is wasting his time and making his job as Senate President that much harder. 

As long as he remains a Congressional candidate, legislative Republicans will make his life hell, blocking any and all of his legislative priorities and consistently seeking to get him on the record with politically perilous positions.

Despite Shaffer outraising CD3 candidate Sal Pace (D-Urination) last quarter, he is likely to see his fundraising dry up like an Australian drought in the coming days and weeks. The Progressive Roundtable stuck a shank in his back in their court-ordered redistricting power play, ensuring that Shaffer's race has fallen from the list of priorities. Donors and activists will quickly get the message.

The question is how long will it take Shaffer to.