No one has ever accused the Occupy Denver squatter horde from being savvy or even possessing the remotest amount of intelligence. This past weekend they put their stupidity on display again. Only this time conservative bloggers from across Colorado and the country were there to document their latest inane attempt at relevance.

Video and coverage from Peoples Press Collective (here & here) show a band of unbathed boobs trying to "storm" the conference room last Friday where the Blog Con 2011 conservative blogger conference was meeting. Apparently the protesters incorrectly believed the conference was funded by the infamous Koch Brothers. The Google button on their corporatist iPhones must not have been working, as the conference was sponsored by FreedomWorks, which has no affiliation with the conservative donor siblings. Oops.

Never mind the fact that a group of people exercising their first amendment rights is probably not the best target for a group who claims their first amendment rights are being infringed upon when the cops shut down their squatter camp. What was truly amazing about the Occupier's stupidity is they chose to crash an event that was populated by conservative bloggers with a combined audience in the millions.

Did they not realize they were setting themselves up to be shamed and mocked ruthlessly?

Within minutes of the altercation, we started seeing stories pop up on outlets from to Hot Air. Last we counted, the cumulative Youtube views of the failed Occupier effort had crossed 100,000. 

Footage shot by bloggers also made its way to CBS4 and Fox News, ensuring an even wider audience would know the depths of the Occupiers' ineptitude.

Even The Denver Post joined in the coverage, noting that the small group of Occupiers were chanting "We are the 99%" with the bloggers chanting back "We want the dog" — a reference to Occupy Denver's elected leader, a border collie named Shelby.

Saul Alinsky's spirit was alive and well with the bloggers. One of Alinsky's famous "Rules for Radicals" is man's most potent weapon is ridicule.

It seems all the Occupiers succeeded in doing was to give great content to a group of bloggers and further expose themselves to be nothing more than an angry and mindless group of leftist activists with nothing better to do than attack those they disagree with. 

Also caught on tape and covered by Gateway Pundit's Jim Hoft was the fact that a private school teacher from Denver's St. Mary's Academy had taken a class of students to watch the Occupiers trespass on private property and barge in on a private conference. You know…a learning opportunity. That blog coverage led to a report on Channel 7, highlighting a brazen act of poor judgment that would have gone uncovered if not for the conservative media's effort. 

The following day the "stubborn" Occupiers had their weekly Saturday march, leading to yet another violent confrontation with police, who had warned them for days that it was illegal to continue to squat on public property. Not to be deterred from their selfish belief that wherever they feel like squatting is all of the sudden their property, the protesters proceeded to shut down public streets with chants of "Whose streets? Our streets."

The drivers of the cars that were trying to get down Colfax probably felt differently about who owned the streets, but we digress.

We were able to follow these events not because the mainstream media was covering it, which it barely was, but because of the good work of conservative media outlets. In Colorado, you can find the most extensive collection of coverage on all things Occupy Denver from Complete Colorado. On Saturday night we were able to watch the Occupiers make fools of themselves and get chased up and down the 16th St Mall thanks to Complete's embedding of a livestream of the events.

Peoples Press Collective had video up from the Occupier crashing of the conservative blogger confab minutes after the confrontation. Kelly Maher has covered the violent threats and roving mob mentality of the Occupiers for the Daily Caller and WhoSaidYouSaid, giving the world a peek behind the curtain of absurdity and sometimes downright violent intentions.

Had there been weekly violent confrontations between police and the Tea Party, we don't doubt for a second that the street would be lined with news trucks covering the events ad nauseam. Violent leftist radicals is apparently a played out narrative for the mainstream media. Nothing we haven't seen here before. Better get back to covering the latest snow storm. 

The behavior exposed by the conservative media, including the burning of an American flag at Occupy Denver, led even ProgressNow's Alan Franklin to say he was "disappointed" in the protesters. Consider that a victory. How often do you see the Left castigating its own?

It used to be said that you should never pick a battle with those that buy ink by the barrel. The new reality seems to be never pick a battle with someone who generates clicks by the thousands. In this case the Obama-backed Occupiers charged the lion's den, only to see their credibility and influence destroyed in a fit of blog posts and cell phone video clips. 

We wonder if Rep. Wes McKinley is regretting setting up his TeePee alongside the squatter hordes at this point? We know we wouldn't want the association to be brought up with our rural constituents back home. 

(Photo credit: Peoples Press Collective)