In a recent Colorado Springs Gazette editorial, the head of the editorial board, Wayne Laugesen, wrote that Governor Hickenlooper told the Gazette he is "likely to endorse" Obama's re-election. What? What! What!?! The Democrat Governor of a state called a must-win for Obama has yet to endorse his re-election? And he's only "likely" to do so? Does that mean there is a chance Hick would endorse the Republican nominee instead?

This news of Hick's ducking Obama comes on the heels of a Politico story about other Democrats across the country "declining to give their unqualified support for the President." It also follows on news from the Gazette that Hick has declined to stump for Obama in the Centennial State. 

Why is Hickenlooper trying to avoid Obama at all costs?

Hick's declining to offer a full throated defense of Obama comes at an especially awkward time, considering his campaign just hosted a conference call this morning with Colorado reporters to bash Mitt Romney and emphasize how important Colorado is to Obama's re-election. 

It's also the latest example of Hickenlooper's political strategy of avoiding anything polling below 60%. With the left's anger at him over his refusal to back Prop 103, this is yet another case of Hick avoiding his base for fear of angering the middle. And the middle in Colorado is most certainly not enamored with Obama. 

Hick's hedging of Obama seems notable enough that journalists would want to mention it in any round up of Colorado's role in 2012, just as Hick's quote that Obama will "have a hard time" winning Colorado has helped to define the early narrative around the race. 

On a day when Obama's political hacks were trying to spin the Colorado press corps, the state's chief prognosticator seems to have stepped on their message…again.