Most of the reapportionment controversy has centered around the process of Democrats and their lapdog Mario Carrera cheating their way through forcing liberal maps down the throats of Coloradans. What hasn't received nearly enough attention is the impact of those maps, namely how they represent a very distinct and direct attack on conservative women in Colorado. 

If the Colorado Supreme Court upholds the maps they will be endorsing a destruction of the hard fought gains Republican women have made in legislative representation. They will be, effectively, endorsing the disenfranchisement of conservative women in Colorado.

The maps purposefully put the highest ranking Republican women in the Legislature into the same districts as fellow Republicans, setting up a scenario that could see a significant reduction not only in GOP women legislators, but the seniority of incumbent female legislators. 

No Democrats were put into districts with each other in the maps.

For a party that howls their support for women's rights, mostly over abortion, the Democrats had no problem attacking female representation when it represents non-liberal views. 

The maps put House Majority Leader Amy Stephens into the same district as Representative Marsha Looper.

They force House Majority Whip BJ Nikkel into the same district as Representative Brian Delgrosso.

On top of that, the Democrats’ House map makes Representative Cindy Acree's district a majority Democrat district, hoping to beat Acree through the Commission when they couldn't defeat the hard working state Representative at the ballot box last year. 

As state legislators must live in the district they represent, the Democrats' maps have the effect of taking aim at Republican women. It's not one or two female legislators they are targeting, but a plethora of women, including the highest ranking women in the GOP caucus.

The first maps submitted to the court did no such thing. This was a targeted and direct effort at disenfranchising Republican women. 

Republican women have been on the rise in recent years, with the Tea Party a movement made up of a female majority

Republican women are a great threat to Democrats who have been demagoguing Republicans for years as the party of old, white men. They simply could not stand the image of women standing up and advocating for policies that do not grow the government or raise taxes. Somehow, Democrats wanted Coloradans to believe that people must possess a Y chromosome to believe the government spends too much.

The person most responsible for allowing this assault on Republican women to occur is the Chairman Mario Carrera.  

You can email him at [email protected] or call him at 303-918-1996.