After left-wing state Senator Morgan Carroll helped lead the charge to disenfranchise conservative women in the Legislature, she has now joined with a band of liberal female legislators to play some more gender politics in an attempt to raise money for the joke candidate Joe Miklosi. This morning she blasted out a fundraising email on behalf of Miklosi to raise money from a constituency he's struggled with in his efforts — real people.

In the first fundraising quarter, Miklosi raised nearly 40% of his money from special interest Political Action Committees (PACs), which compares to 0.8% of money raised from PACs by his opponent, Congressman Mike Coffman, when Coffman made his initial run for Congress. 

From Carroll's email:

New Congressional districts have been drawn. The Colorado State Supreme Court finalized the boundaries of the 6th Congressional district in Colorado transforming it into one of the most competitive in the country. The new district is comprised of 1/3 Democrat, 1/3 Republican, and 1/3 Unaffiliated voters.  

Please join us in supporting Joe Miklosi for Congress. Joe is the best person for this important job – and we need YOUR help to change the tone in Washington!  

Please make a donation of $25, $50,or $100 to get Congress back on track.

In other words, thank the kind liberals on the Colorado Supreme Court for approving our 6th CD gerrymander. Now throw some of your dollars at a candidate with no shot.    
The email also went on to list reasons why women should support Miklosi, including insinuating that Mike Coffman believes women should be paid less than men. You know…general leftist propaganda.

The email was signed by legislators Carroll, Senator Suzanne Wiliams, Senator Mary Hodge, Representative Rhonda Fields, Representative Sue Ryden and Representative Nancy Todd. 

You might recognize some of these endorsees. They backed Andrew Romanoff's failed left wing primary bid against the "Accidental Senator," Michael Bennet. 

Democrats not on that list…you know…ones who want to actually have a shot of winning…are still furiously looking for a candidate with a shot. 

With rumors of a potential Joe Coors Jr candidacy against Obama toady Ed Perlmutter, things have gone from bad to worse for Democrats in the last 24 hours. 

What began with the good news of the approval of a liberal gerrymander, has quickly become a realization that Democrats are likely to be unable to field even a half-serious candidate in the newly-competitive 6th CD. 

Speaking of 6th CD candidates, we've been hearing a very specific rumor about another legislator looking at jumping into the race. Check back at the Peak later today to find out what politicos from Denver to DC have been talking about in hushed (& sometimes sarcastic) tones. 

(Photo Credit: Colorado News Agency)