UPDATE: You can read the full public release of police text messages here (PDF) courtesy of 9News.

See: Occupy Denver is just like the Tea Party. We were constantly worrying about the threat of urine bombs at Tea Party rallies. Can’t say we remember having to worry much about projectile excrement, though.

Oct 13: im bored up here but i have a bad feeling these protesters have been working up their urine and sh– bombs!


Denver Mayor Michael Hancock says he is embarrassed about how police talked about the Occupy Denver squatter horde over recently released text messages. We take an opposing view. We love their blunt spoken text message truths. The Denver Post printed a selection of the released messages. Here are a couple of our favorites:

Oct. 13: I bet if you guys dropped a box of skunks in the middle of them .. they would probably scatter real good

Oct 30: It is nuts down here i have costume freaks yelling at protesters who are yelling at police who are yelling at transients. 

Nov. 12: This occupy sh– has got out of hand because this liberal administration has allowed them to

We're betting if any of our readers had to put up with standing in the freezing cold at night dealing with a bunch of whiny, "dirty hippies" you'd all have some even more colorful things to say. 

Michael Hancock may be trying to earn the good graces of the skunks, but he is apparently less than popular with his police force.