Yesterday, a litany of liberal special interests submitted briefs to the Colorado Supreme Court in support of the Democrat-drawn reapportionment maps for the state House and Senate. It was entirely unsurprising that groups from Planned Parenthood to enviros were supportive of the gerrymandered Democrat maps that were forced through the commission process by "wolf in sheep's clothing" Chairman Mario Carrera.  

Well, we shouldn't say they shock no one. For people trying to convince the Colorado Supreme Court that the Democrat-drawn maps are in Colorado's best interest, having a long list of partisan special interests push them probably isn't the best strategy. 

In an illuminating juxtaposition, standing against the special interests, filing briefs opposing the reapportionment maps, is a host of cities and towns in Colorado. From Club 20 to the Grand County Board of Commissioners, those that represent geographic areas, as opposed to partisan special interests, find the reapportionment maps appalling and are hoping to influence the court to remand the maps back to the Reapportionment Commission a second time. 

Not that we have a whole lot of faith in the impartiality of Chairman Carrera, but were his maps to be remanded a second time he might, just might, get the message to quit his partisan games and approve a map that is in the best interests of Colorado and not just the recipients of his large and regular campaign contributions

The briefs filed in reapportionment say pretty much all that needs to be said on reapportionment. Mario Carrera and the Democrats passed maps that help partisan special interests, to the detriment of cities and towns across the state.