"Our friends" at Colorado Pols this morning reported on an alleged incident between a staffer for Congressman Scott Tipton (R-Cortez) and some smelly Occupy squatters during their SEIU-sanctioned partisan stunt in DC on Tuesday. The story was based on an account written by an Occupy squatter on another liberal blog, Crooks and Liars.

Congressman Tipton was gracious enough to speak with the malodorous crowd, telling them he is pondering whether to vote for an extension of unemployment payments. Unemployment payments are currently extended to 99 weeks, and the program has been under fire for massive amounts of fraud and improper payments. 

After Tipton left, a staffer for Tipton continued to meet with the group, telling the squatters something they weren't prepared to hear: the issue is complex, fraud in the system is a concern, and not showering doesn't help your employment prospects. 

From the Occupier's account:

When we asked him again about if Rep. Tipton would vote to extend the unemployment insurance, he told us he had to listen to both sides and then he told us a strange story. He heard about a disheveled guy going in for an interview and purposefully not getting hired just to get an unemployment check. We all sat there for a minute in disbelief…

One might paraphrase the Tipton aide's parable this way: unemployment insurance fraud exists, now take a shower you smelly douchebags.

We say, Hoo-rah to the Tipton staffer for telling it straight to the stinky little Occupy bastards.

Remember: Denver police officers have expressed similar sentiments about the Occupy squatters' struggle with hygiene.

On the substance of the exchange, the Occupier account shows just how truly ignorant the squatter horde is of basic facts and reality. Have they not read the copious amount of stories in Colorado media recently about the "hundreds of millions" of improperly paid unemployment claims? From 9News only two weeks ago:

According to estimates by the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, last year 276,000 Coloradans collected a total of $900 million in benefits.  

The Labor Department estimates that $158 million of those payments were considered improperly paid.


Colorado Pols painfully tried to spin the exchange as an attack on all unemployed people. 

Spare us the faux liberal outrage. 

But give us more of people telling it like it is to the Occupiers. Their selfish drum circle occupation is getting old. Either figure out the facts or go away.