State Senate President and Congressional candidate Brandon Shaffer, affectionately known on this site as T-GRAC, or the Guy Running Against Cory (Gardner), has been caught ignoring a Department of Defense directive over the use of military uniforms in a political campaign message.

Desperate in his attempt to raise campaign cash after new Congressional district maps were upheld by the Supreme Court that made his race all but un-winnable, Shaffer made a blatant attempt to politicize the war in Iraq and his own military service in a new fundraising email. 

The problem Shaffer is about to encounter is that his email violates a Department of Defense directive that requires candidates who use photos of themselves in military uniform to include a disclaimer at the bottom of the campaign material that acknowledges the photo doesn't imply an endorsement by the Department of Defense.

The Denver Post covered the issue back in 2008 when the directive was first issued to some confusion. Over three years later the state Senate President can't hide under claims of confusion. He blasted out an email trying to fundraise off of his military service and blatantly disregarded the rule requiring a disclaimer.

That'll be ten lashes with the cat 'o nine tails and an email correcting the record.