As many of you are aware, The Denver Post reporter Allison Sherry clearly writes favorable to the Democrats and hostile to the Republicans. She's like Susan Green, only worse.  

I couldn't help but be struck by her most recent blog entry. Today's blog title is "Udall's Balanced Budget Amendment Dies in the Senate." Pretty cut and dry. Udall ran a bill similar to what Colorado's legislature already abides by. But the Senate wasn't swayed.

In fact, Congressman Mike Coffman ran a similar bill in the US House and got the same result. However, Sherry's blog post took a different tact. Her blog entry title for that story was "Coffman Loses Big After Balance Budget Amendment Dies in House." "Loses big" is unarguably editorial comment.

Let's face it, Coffman's in for the fight of his life and voters back home have to suffer through this reporter's perspective. The state's paper of record needs to be honest with itself and either move her to Litwin's desk or to the Democratic Party. If she's going to write for them, she might as well get paid for it.