Today, Dr. Perry "Massage Therapist Millionaire" Haney officially declared his bid for the Democrat nomination in the 6th Congressional district. His candidacy, which we previewed last week, follows the trend of a host of Democrats either declaring or being talked about as possible candidates for the 6th CD — none of whom actually live in the 6th.

It's an extremely strange turn of events. After personally drawing the new 6th CD, Democrats can't find a single liberal living in the district to run.

First, Denver state Rep Joe Miklosi announces not only his candidacy, but his desire to move into the district...after they draw the lines. 

After Miklosi proved to be a dud of a candidate, talk turned to former failed US Senate candidate Andrew Romanoff, also of Denver and not the 6th CD.

Romanoff begged off.

Recently, a source told us the DCCC was talking about the need to find a female candidate for the race. Talk turned to Karen Middleton, who moved out of the district and whose husband has already endorsed Joe Miklosi.

Now, today, we have Dr. Haney declaring his candidacy, from outside the 6th CD. The Federal Election Commission (FEC) website still lists his campaign address as a PO Box in Grand Junction, which is the center of the 3rd CD. Since-removed photos on Haney's campaign Facebook page showed him campaigning all across major towns in the 3rd CD. 

Last week, the Colorado Statesman reported that Haney had recently filed paperwork listing an address in Lone Tree for a run in the 6th CD. For those paying close attention to redistricting, Lone Tree was gerrymandered out of the 6th CD by the Democrats and put into the 4th CD. What's it gonna be Perry — the 3rd, 4th or 6th CD? You can't run in them all.

More to the point — why can't Democrats find anyone who lives in the 6th Congressional district who wants to represent it? What is forcing them to run all over the state looking for candidates? 

We know why. 

Two words: Mike Coffman.