Over at the hard-core lefty site Squarestate, they have a diary up titled The Ugly Truth About #OccupyDenver.  

Fong, Squarestates head honcho and the diary's author pretty much confirms all of those dark rumors about the Occupy movement that have been going around.

A few quotes from the article:

“I've been on the PR team of Occupy Denver for about two months now and that involvement has shown me the underbelly of the beast. Keep in mind that everything I write below is just the the tip of the iceberg and understand that I write this because I'm tired of witnessing the consistent reckless behavior that puts innocent people at risk”

“Occupiers would set up tents during peak crowd hours with the intention of bringing in the cops to crack heads, in an effort to show the world that the police are brutal.”

“And then there was talk about a plan to burn cars for the Walmart blockade Monday morning.”

“So far I've seen ass-kissing, fear-mongering, death threats, theft, fights, using innocent people as a shield, lies about union endorsements, ulterior motives, lots and lots of messianic bullshit, and of course, shirking responsibility.”

and finally:

“I wish I could say good things. When people corner me about my involvement in OD, I feel bad that I don't have good things to say.”

When you have a doctrinaire lefty like Fong cutting loose like this on the movement, you have to wonder what makes anyone think that anything positive was ever going to come out of the juvenile and illegal antics that were part and parcel of Occupy right from the start.

Here is a clue for those on the left that supported Occupy Denver.  When you start out with no regard for the law, why the hell should you be surprised when all there is around you is lawlessness!