Today's Durango Herald covers a rule making hearing conducted by Secretary of State Scott Gessler. Gessler is looking to re-write the state's campaign finance regulations to clarify the asinine world of campaign finance.

For those of us who have to figure this stuff out, these rules are an improvement, but there is still a long way to go. I always wondered why this system was so complicated, but now I know. The Herald quotes Morse as saying, “Turns out that complying with these things is complicated and does take a lawyer, but that’s the price of transparency.” To say that my small association's political committee needs a lawyer just to support a handful of legislators each cycle, is shocking to say the least. It smacks of elitism and tells people that we are limited in our political process. It assumes that the Democrats have created this complex system expressly to discourage people like me from participating.

The article also mentions a disagreement over filing reports. It looks like Morse also chastised Gessler for implementing a rule that preserves the current filing schedule. It looks like committees should be filing reports every other week for an entire year? That's outrageous.

If that's what Morse wants, I would encourage one of his lawyers to sue saying it is overly burdensome to require. It's tough enough to meet all of the current reports, let alone every 14 days.

We are in desperate need of some rational campaign finance laws that protect real people and punish actual wrongdoers.