UPDATE: Senator Newell is now trying to claim she was just retweeting an informational tweet, which claimed the lack of a higher gas tax was a “big budget problem.” Just like Prop 103, Senator Newell wants to support tax hikes without supporting tax hikes. The problem is, when you support tax hikes, well, you have to support tax hikes. And that is the problem, Senator Newell, especially when you were just named a Dirty Dozen doozy.


State Senators Evie Hudak (D-Westminster) and Linda Newell (D-Littleton) just aren't listening. When Colorado voters shot down the proposed $3 billion tax hike known as Prop 103 at a 2:1 margin, Senators Hudak and Newell, both supporters of Prop 103, must have had their heads in the sand. Why else would they be taking to Twitter on Wednesday to push the idea of a gas tax hike?

Colorado voters made crystal clear that they do not support raising taxes right now. Yet these two state Senators tweeted an article on the leftist online rag The Huffington Post that urged raising the gas tax.

Their tax hike tweets came right on the heels of being named as part of Compass Colorado's Dirty Dozen Job Killers, for their support of a whole host of tax and fee hikes killing jobs in Colorado.

Both Senators sit in swing districts, sure to be close races in 2012, making their publicly professed love for higher taxes during the Great Recession all the more confounding.

Guess they are okay with letting their freak flags fly.

Compass Colorado President Tyler Q. Houlton was equally perplexed, saying in a press release:

“On the same day Evie Hudak and Linda Newell are called out for their unwavering support for higher taxes, they’re already calling for a brand new gas tax on struggling Coloradans.

Hudak and Newell are so out-of-touch with the economic reality in Colorado they’ll support any tax hike to fuel their spending addictions.”

Colorado Democrats may be feeling good about their court-approved gerrymander of state Senate districts, but with tone-deaf candidates like this, even Democrat-drawn districts can't save their hides

(Photo Credit: Colorado News Agency)