Orwellian. Deceitful. A glorified campaign stunt, only ingloriously meaningless and not in a campaign. These are a few ways to describe US Senator Mark Udall's balanced budget amendment charade that went down yesterday.

Udall's version of a balanced budget amendment went up for vote in the US Senate, and went down like the joke it was, garnering only 21 votes. The only reason the vote on Udall's amendment even took place was so Udall could say he was for one, even though he knew it wouldn't pass. It had more loopholes in it than Jerry Nadler's blue jeans

A less-loopholed version went up for a vote, that time garnering 47 votes, but not Udall's. He only voted for his own sham farce of a bill.

That is the Politics of Mark Udall 101: Feign moderation, but when push comes to shove, vote the party line. 

If Udall was concerned about a balanced budget, why did he vote for the trillion dollar failed stimulus bill, the auto bailout, Obamacare, cap and tax, and host of other legislation that has added TRILLIONS in national debt?

Why? Because Mark Udall talks one way and votes the other. He doesn't actually care about the deficit, it just polls well, so he talks like he does.

He hasn't had to worry about this two-faced personality this year much, as The Denver Post's DC reporter, Allison Sherry, is more than glad to carry his water