State Senator Keith King is not seeking re-election after being shanked in the back by the Democrats on the Reapportionment Commission, who forced him into the same district as Senate Minority Leader Bill Cadman. But Senator King is a class act, compared to the cowards on Reapportionment who didn't want a fair fight at the ballot box. 

Rather than throw in the towel on public policy, Senator King has announced his intention to keep fighting for the cause most near and dear to him: education.

In a statement, he added:

"I am disappointed that the Democrats intentionally grouped two senators together in El Paso County. I will not give them the satisfaction of watching close colleagues primary each other in the 2012 elections.

For this reason I will not seek re-election and will support our Senate Minority Leader Bill Cadman in his election efforts in the new Senate 12 District. Bill is a good legislator and a close friend. I am looking forward to serving with him in the upcoming session.”

As Lynn Bartels notes over at The Spot, Senator King has been a leading voice on education issues for many years at the Capitol. He has also been a long-time leader in education reform outside politics, playing major roles, from principal to board member, at a number of charter schools in Colorado Springs.

If Democrats really cared about education outside political talking points, they wouldn't have "Mario-Mandered" Senator King out of his district. 

Thankfully for Colorado, Keith King won't let that stop him from continuing to fight to make schools in Colorado better for our children.

Class, thy name is Keith King.