Being that it's December and likely to be a slow news week, we figured it would be a good opportunity to take a look back at the Peak's first year. Penning our first post in early January we're now closing in on our 1000th, but before we reach that notable mark we wanted to share with our readers what the most popular articles have been.

Topping the list is the poorly controlled bladder of state Rep Sal Pace (D-Urination). Our readers' interest, coupled with more media outlet messengers like Westword picking up the story, suggest that the issue will have big traction in 2012. Somewhere, Scott Tipton is breaking into a Herman Cain slow smile

Many of these stories are stories that we broke, or even obsessed on. Without our posts, it's likely some of these issues would have never even seen the light of day. We're sure Sal Pace and John Morse very much wish we would piss off. Too bad for them — we're here to stay.

Unfortunately, the media has not picked up on all of the stories. An inexcusable silence still exists in the mainstream media on the topic of state Senator Suzanne Williams and her killing of a pregnant woman. We honestly don't understand how no public pressure has been put on Senator Williams to resign. The Texas Grand Jury may have let her off, but we at the Peak, and our readers, are not willing to sweep her dirt under the carpet.

We also couldn't have published many of these stories without the input and help from readers' tips. Keep those tips coming — tip (at)

Without further ado, here are the top 10 most read Peak posts of 2011:

1. THE SECRET SAL PACE: Burglary, Multiple Public Urination Arrests, Bench Warrant Bespeckle Rap Sheet: This will not bring Christmas cheer to the campaign of CD3 Congressional candidate and state Representative Sal Pace. His extensive criminal record and penchant for pubic urination was by far the most read Peak post of the year. 

2. CIVIL UNION DEBATE: Senator Shawn Mitchell: This well crafted explanation of Senator Mitchell's conflicted emotions on a difficult issue still gets shared on Facebook by conservatives across the country. 

3. What's A Conservative To Do? Denver Mayors Race Part 2: In a race we called "mostly excruciating and always ridiculous" there weren't many good options for conservatives. In this post, we scratched Michael Hancock off the list of acceptable options after he left the door open for new taxes on services in the city. 

4. CIVIL UNION DEBATE: Rep. Rob Witwer: The moderate former Republican state Representative lays out his conservative case for civil unions. 

5. OLD GUARD VS NEW GUARD: The Aurora Mayor's Race Sees A Split In Support: Our analysis on the different strands of backers of the top Aurora mayoral candidates garnered us a mention by Jessica Peck in The Huffington Post. In the end, though, the backing that had the most effect was the unions and Ed Perlmutter lining up for now-Mayor Steve Bach.

6. Accountability For 'Accountability' And The John Morse Smoking Gun: Though state Senator John "Per Diem" Morse was able to skate past his ethical improprieties thanks to a technicality, Peak readers took great interest in the massive fraud he perpetrated on the taxpayers of Colorado.

7. FOLLOW THE MONEY: "Unaffiliated" Mario Carrera's Record Of Donations To Democrats: Mario the Corrupt was exposed to be nothing more than a high-dollar Democrat donor, and not the "unaffiliated" voter that the press rotely repeated ad nauseam. 

8. SCANDAL: The Punishment For Vehicular Homicide By A Reckless State Senator? A $200 Fine.: We aren't the only ones who find the fact that a state Senator killed a pregnant woman in a car crash and still has her seat in the Legislature shameful. 

9. FRAUD: Massage Therapist Millionaire Sets Sights On Congress: Now CD6 Democrat Congressional candidate Dr. Perry Haney has a problem with "excessive use of massage." He may even end up rubbing Joe Miklosi right out of contention.

10. COUNTDOWN TO ROMNEY ENDORSEMENT? Tancredo Pounds Rick Perry On Caplis And Silverman: Tom Tancredo is no fan of Rick Perry and he let loose on the Texas Governor on Caplis and Silverman (630 KHOW). With Herman Cain out of the race, who Tancredo initially endorsed, a Romney endorsement seems all but a foregone conclusion. 

(Sal Pace “Whiz Kid” Photo Credit: Peoples Press Collective)