Republican members of Colorado's Congressional delegation take note: if you want positive coverage on the “Beltway Blog” from Allison Sherry at The Denver Post you need to have one thing — a goofy liberal to join you. Normally just a landing page for Congressional Democrats' press releases, last week the “Beltway Blog” picked up some criticism of a spending bill — but only because it was Boulder Democrat Jared Polis offering it up.

We're pretty sure Republican members of Colorado's Congressional delegation have had plenty to say about the debt being incurred as a result of federal spending, but those quotes somehow rarely, if ever, grace the pages of posts by Allison Sherry. 

This should be instructive to Mike Coffman, who this month launched a push to curb Congressional pay and cut Congressional pensions.

If you didn't read about it in the Post, that's because Morgan Carroll, er, Allison Sherry hasn't covered it.

If Coffman is serious about getting press on this gutsy reform push, all he needs to do is get a Democrat to say it is a good idea — at which point Morgan Carroll Allison Sherry will dutifully report it to the masses.