Hoping no one was paying attention, the Obama administration quietly returned over $70,000 in donations from disgraced former US Senator and head of MF Global Jon Corzine only days before Christmas. Here in Colorado, Compass Colorado has called on US Senator Mark Udall to return the nearly $5,000 he has received from Corzine.

Compass Colorado made the call for the returned donations over three weeks ago and Morgan Carroll, er, Allison Sherry has yet to report on it. The Denver Post did reprint a wire report about Obama's returned donation, but no original reporting has emanated from the only Colorado newspaper with a reporter in Washington, DC.

Compass Colorado President Tyler Q. Houlton said in a statement:

“If President Obama and other Washington Democrats have ditched Corzine’s tainted campaign cash, why is Mark Udall refusing to follow suit? Maybe Jon Corzine has to go to jail for Mark Udall to think his campaign contribution is an ethical problem.”

We want to know two things: will Mark Udall return the corrupted cash AND will Allison Sherry report on it?

While Morgan Carroll Allison Sherry has found plenty of time to tweet Mark Udall press releases, she somehow has not found an opportunity to tell Coloradans about the big dollar donations to a Colorado US Senator from a man who lost over $1.2 billion of his customers' money and is being investigated by the FBI.

Now that Big Barry O has given back the donations, isn't it time Udall do the same? At the very least Coloradans should be made aware of the donations and Udall's decision to return or keep the money.