Remember this scene from The Hangover?  

Ah yes, the quid pro crow.

Nobody does the quid pro quo quite like the Democrats here in Colorado, and boy did they pull a doozy when Denver Mayor Michael Han(d)cock appointed Scott Martinez, the partisan hack lawyer involved in reapportionment and redistricting, as Deputy City Attorney. 

After drawing the gerrymandered lines in Congressional redistricting and leading the legal fight to screw GOP women legislators in legislative reapportionment, Scott Martinez has been thanked with a cush government gig with Mayor Hancock. 

Speaker Frank McNulty had some particularly choice words regarding the appointment, telling The Denver Post:

"Mayor Hancock should hope that Scott Martinez brings a higher level of professionalism as a member of the city attorney's office than he displayed as a Democratic hack in the reapportionment process."

In announcing the hiring of Martinez, Hancock praised him as a "bold community organizer" and having "a fervor to help deliver a world class city where everyone matters."

Yes, because community organizers have been such a positively profound force on this country's economy…oh wait.

And we all know how hard Martinez worked to make sure "everyone matter[ed]" in reapportionment — that is only if you define "everyone" as liberal Democrats.

We're still waiting on the left to blast Hancock for appointing a partisan hack into a government job, as that has been a favored line of attack against Secretary of State Scott Gessler. 

But we won't hold our breath.