This week, failed former one term Governor Bill Ritter got his first bit of positive press in a long time for his campaign cash donations to charities. The Denver Post's Karen Crummy reported he donated $300,000 left in his campaign account to a variety of charities, including $100,000 to an organization focusing on state education issues. 

While seemingly an altruistic move, our sources tell us that Ritter's contribution gambit is all part of a wider PR attack intended to help position Colorado's (least) favorite former one term Governor to be the President/Chancellor/Emperor of Colorado State University.

We first reported on Ritter's ambition to ascend to the top of the ladder at CSU back in October, after numerous sources told us he was jockeying for the position with the assistance of former CSU President and Colorado Democracy Alliance member Al Yates.

As far as we know, no major media have followed up by getting Ritter on the record to confirm or deny our report. 

Ritter already has his foot partway in the CSU and public employee pension door, with a $300,000/year green energy lobbying gig at CSU paid for by Pat Stryker and a host of other liberal special interest donors. As Tim Hoover of The Denver Post has reported, that special interest-funded seat at CSU has allowed Ritter to rack up a sweet pension under the Public Employee Retirement Asssociation (PERA) that will pay out based on the $300k salary. 

Rather than search for employment in the private sector, it looks like Ritter is working his way towards another taxpayer funded gig. 

What happened, Bill? Where are all those jobs in the New Energy Economy that you touted so much during your time in office?