Mike Coffman is a fundraising juggernaut. Today his campaign announced it had a raised an eye-popping $415,000 in the 4th quarter, making his total cash on hand an intimidating one million dollars. Guess the Democrats targeted the wrong incumbent in their redistricting gerrymander!

After a spate of stories about the sudden competitiveness of Coffman's 6th Congressional district, this major haul should put to rest any idle chatter about Coffman being vulnerable to a challenge — especially from the likes of no-name nobodies like Joe Miklosi and Dr. Perry "Massage Therapist Millionaire" Haney.

Even Colorado Pols didn't try to spin this news in a way that could be seen as anything other than devastating to Democrats. 

We don't want to get ahead of ourselves here, but this truly impressive haul is likely to scare off any serious Democrats still contemplating getting in the race.

It might even be fair to say this race is already over.

Not only will Coffman have a nearly unbeatable fundraising advantage, but he has won all of the areas recently added to his district in redistricting during his last Secretary of State race. Coffman is a tireless campaigner, who went to high school in the section of Aurora recently gerrymandered into his district. He won in the tidal wave year for Democrats of 2006, and is likely to crush any Democrat opponent in 2012 with the same type of force.

Just a few weeks ago, the state Democrat Party was trying to hint at other folks jumping in, while at the same time talking optimistically about the state of the race. Per Roll Call:

The Democratic field is far from settled. There is an “active rumor mill” in the state, according to Colorado Democratic State Party spokesman Matt Inzeo. “I don’t think we’d be surprised if one, possibly two more, candidates” get into the race, he said.

Inzeo describes the party as “excited” about the Miklosi campaign.

How excited are Colorado Dems at this news, Matt?

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Image: renjith krishnan / FreeDigitalPhotos.net