When we charge Governor Hickenlooper as a "finger in the wind" politician, or one afraid to take a position on the big issues, aka Chickenlooper, things like Hick's new initiative called TBD Colorado only underscore our point.

TBD Colorado, which stands for To Be Determined Colorado, is described by Ed News Colorado as "the administration's planned initiative to gather public opinion on the challenges facing Colorado and how to deal with them."

Lt. Gov. Joe Garcia described it to Ed News, saying “the idea was the governor’s, but he does not have an outcome in mind. We don’t want people to think we are advocating for any particular course of action.”

Of course not! Why would people think the Governor would actually advocate for any particular course of action? That would be leadership. 

In other words, Hick is now using taxpayer funds to make sure he makes the politically sound move on policy. It also means that Hickenlooper is basically admitting he won't take a position on a policy until he knows where public opinion resides on the issue. 

Under former one term Governor Bill Ritter it would have been leadership by Blue Ribbon Commission.

Hickenlooper, it appears, prefers leadership by polling and focus group. If an issue doesn't seem overwhelmingly in Hick's favor, he will ignore it. 

Last year, it was Hickenlooper hiding from taking a position on Prop 103

Last week, it was Hickenlooper hiding from taking a position on the Olympics.

In typical Hick fashion, rather than say "yes or no" to an idea, instead he hides behind the vail of "weighing his options" — which is code for "waiting for poll results."

At some point, Hickenlooper will have to be held to account for his opinions. Even those on the left are willing to go on record with The Denver Post to air their complaints about Hick's reluctance to lead.

Can’t take a position on hosting the Olympics? What’s next from the Governor, a hedge on Mom and Apple Pie? Everything with Hickenlooper it appears is "to be determined."