With the Granite State primary results basically a foregone conclusion, as Romney leads between 15 and 24 points, depending on the poll, we turn our attention to the lesser known candidates running for President. The race in New Hampshire is so unexciting this year that even CSPAN is covering the also-rans.

But among the lesser known candidates is one of our favorite (and perennial) Presidential contenders — a man known as Vermin Supreme. Rocking a full size boot atop his dome, and a canny sense of satire underneath it, Vermin runs on simple ideas, simply presented. Things like mandatory tooth brushing, UFO preparedness and ponies for everyone.

As he tells it, he's just your "friendly fascist."

This year his platform is centered around raising awareness of the Zombie Apocalypse. 

Every four years Vermin throws his hat (and boot) into the ring in New Hampshire. He's become a primary fixture almost as much as Dixville Notch, that small North Country town just below the Canadian border that votes at midnight to kick off the primary.

Thanks to Peak reader Kyle Giddings for bringing Vermin's latest stump speech to our attention on Facebook. 

So on this day when no one really expects much surprise, we call your attention to a man who takes this race as seriously as it deserves…Vermin Supreme: